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Rating : 5 Best Dentist Buffalo - 5 Star reviews by Joy R.

After years of hating going to the dentist and have bad experiences I finally found a place I love and am completely comfortable at. I have had multiple extractions and have started orthodontic work and have never had a bad moment. Dr. Kent and his staff always let me know what's going on and are always there for questions, and i'm very happy to say I actually like going to dentist now and trust The Smile Center completely for all my dental needs.
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Thank you for visiting the Smile Center, the home of quality dentistry with a gentle touch. We are proud to provide residents of Buffalo, NY, and beyond, with dazzling, stress-free smiles. At the Smile Center, we cater to cowards – and everyone else!

Why should you visit the Smile Center?
  • We care! We don't want to hurt you; we want to help you achieve great health and a beautiful smile.
  • Various levels of sedation are available, to ensure that every patient can enjoy an amazing smile, and an amazingly pleasant dental experience.
  • Our facility includes a top-quality dental laboratory, not just a milling machine. Your crowns, bridges, dentures, and orthodontics are fabricated of the finest materials, according to Dr. Kent's exacting standards.
  • We complete dental work in-house, saving you the expense, stress, and inconvenience of multiple appointments with various specialists. Even dental implants are placed right here, in our office.
  • Our dental team consists of skilled, dedicated professionals. We are also human beings, who understand anxiety. We will always be kind, gentle, and make every effort to ensure you are comfortable.
  • Cosmetic procedures are performed with artisan skill and technical precision for a smile that wows.
You deserve to have a winning smile, and a reason to use it! Come see us and find out why our patients can't quit smiling.
Same Day Crowns

We now have the technology to provide same day crowns. No more impressions and no more temporaries! An image of your readied tooth is scanned with a wand into a lap top computer. Right away the crown is designed often before your eyes. The design is then "sent" wirelessly to the mill in the lab in our office where your crown is made right then, while you wait, out of the latest and finest materials to blend in with your other teeth. As soon as it is done, the crown is then cemented or bonded onto your tooth. Schedule your appointment now for your same day crown.
Introducing Gag-less X-rays.

Gag-less X-rays have arrived! Imagine not having to have anything put into your mouth when dental x-rays are taken. Say goodbye to the discomfort and gagging associated with dental X-Rays. The Smile Center has just acquired a Planmeca Promax. This is the only digital panoramic/cephalometric X-ray unit that allows 99% of all needed dental X-rays to be taken without putting the dental film or recording device into the patient's mouth.
Dr. Kent completes advanced IV training at Albert Einstein

Dr. Kent and Dr. Blakely completed advanced training in intravenous sedation from the esteemed Albert Einstein Medical College. This training took place treating real cases at Montefiore Hospital in New York City. This level of accomplishment in anesthesiology is important to the safety and well-being of Smile Center patients like you, so we can provide IV sedation when it is helpful. And for patients needing long complex procedures or who have complex medical histories we have our associate board certified anesthesiologists available to assist serving our patients in our office.
Taking every precaution to ensure your safety

The entire Smile Center team is committed to providing the safest possible environment for patients. Earlier this year, Dr. Kent became certified in advanced cardiac life support. This rigorous course included training in areas such as emergency ventilation, fibrillation, resuscitation, acute coronary syndrome, stroke, and much more. Dr. Kent has made a further investment in the wellbeing of his patients by equipping the office with an automatic electrical defibrillator (AED device). We hope you never need it, but rest assured that should an emergency medical situation occur at the Smile Center, we are prepared to respond quickly and calmly!
Patient INR and glucose testing: doing more than “fixing your teeth”

More than two million people take medication to prevent dangerous blood clots. Most of those people are also dental patients. Blood thinners can cause serious complications for any type of surgical procedure, including dental. For patients who are on blood thinners, Dr. Kent will, of course, consult with the prescribing physician prior to a dental procedure. However, The Smile Center goes a step further with INR (International Normalized Ratio) testing. This simple test, done just before treatment, tells us your exact bleeding values within about two minutes, so there’s no guesswork and no surprises.

We also perform glucose tolerance testing for new patients, and those with diabetes (prior to a dental procedure), since unstable blood sugar impacts your dental care.
Immediate Dentures Are Available From the Smile Center
  • Do you want or need dentures?
  • Are your teeth broken?
  • Does your mouth hurt constantly or frequently?
  • Are you embarrassed to show your smile?
  • Are you tired of battling decay and gum disease?
  • Do you have chronic bad breath, or a foul taste lingering in your mouth?
  • Are there very few teeth left in your mouth?
  • Has chewing become a difficult, painful chore?
  • Are your teeth loose?
  • Are you tired of avoiding public appearances or social situations?
  • Do you just hate your teeth, and want them gone?
If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, Immediate Dentures could be the solution you've been seeking.

If you want to be free of pain and proud of your smile – without stress – you have come to the right place. Call 716-568-7015 (Cheektowaga) to schedule an appointment. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised!
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