Buffalo NY dental team eases anxiety about cost of dentures with versatile payment options

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The Smile Center team offers sedation as a calming answer to one of the biggest sources of dental anxiety: Dental fear. Dr. Gordon Kent and his team can also ease another cause of dental anxiety: Cost.

The Smile Center never wants the fear of the dental bill to keep you away from getting the treatment you need or, at that, the preferred treatment for and your condition. If you are missing teeth, immediate dentures may be that preferred option.

Mapping out a plan

Dr. Kent and his team pride themselves in their long-term relationships with patients and their families. If you have been visiting Dr. Kent through the years, during check-ups the discussion about dentures may have already come up. If you suspect these types of new teeth are in your future, you may have set aside monies in a Flexible Savings Account or a Health Savings Account. When the time comes you can use these funds to help shoulder the expense.

The Smile Center can also work with you to stretch the costs over many months, so you don’t have to pay everything at once. Some providers may offer one or two options. At the Smile Center we have several short- and long-term financing plans. You may quality for no-interest financing, depending on your credit history and terms.

We understand not all surprises in life are welcome. You may be at a place in your life where finances are particularly challenging. For this reason we offer QuickPay, which can help patients secure financing without a credit check.

Keep in mind, too, that dentures are considered “medically necessary.” After all, you need teeth to function in so many ways! Medical conditions such as bone loss become worse the longer you go without teeth. In turn, most insurance companies will cover at least some of the costs associated with your dentures.

If you don’t have insurance, we have The Smile Center Plan. You may enroll in SCP for one low fee, which is paid annually to keep your membership active. In addition to free preventive care to assess the health of your new teeth and detect potential problems early on, SCP offers savings on standard procedures.

A valuable investment

Immediate dentures involve placing a “healing denture” at the time any remaining teeth are pulled. With conventional dentures you don’t get this “temporary” prosthetic. You have to wait for the denture to be made while your mouth heals post-extraction.

Since more time goes into preparing this additional step (the temporary denture), you may fear the additional costs for this type of denture above and beyond the conventional option.

Aside from the many ways the Smile Center can help ease cost-related anxiety, consider immediate dentures as an investment — in the long-term health of your mouth, whole-body and in your quality of life. You will not have to go for months without teeth while you wait for your dentures. As your mouth heals, the temporary prosthetic can help to protect delicate tissues. This denture can help you avoid complications following the extraction.

Immediate dentures also give you a jumpstart to learning how to eat and speak with your new teeth. Time is money after all! To find out more about this process and the cost of dentures, call the Smile Center office in Buffalo NY at 716-634-4090.

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They are amazing there. They were willing to work with me regarding full dentures. They have been great over the last 2 years with the teeth pulling, surgeries and dealing with my temp dentures having to be adjusted due to weight loss. I still have yet to receive my permanent ones because I have more weight to loose, but they are wonderful there and so willing to work with you. They are all happy, polite and usually take you on time. I would recommend them to anyone. Terrific place. Wonderful staff and doctors! AAA++++