The best results from denture treatment come from teamwork with your Buffalo dentist

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At Smile Center, we understand tooth loss can have an emotional impact. We work with our patients to find tooth replacement solutions that are tailored to their unique needs. When possible, we treat patients with immediate dentures.

Immediate dentures are temporary appliances that are created for a patient before the extraction of remaining teeth. There are several advantages to this approach. Because the model for dentures is made while some teeth remain, we are able to design the closest possible replica to the natural oral structure, leading to the best results. By placing this temporary denture appliance immediately following the extraction of unhealthy teeth, your dentist in Buffalo facilitates greater physical and emotional comfort.

Besides eliminating any time during which the patient is without teeth, the placement of immediate dentures also aids in the overall healing after tooth extraction, acting as a bandage to delicate gum tissue. A benefit that many do not initially consider is that recreating the oral structure immediately enables the patient to learn how to speak with their denture appliance right away.

After tooth loss and replacement with dentures, new habits are learned by the cheeks and the tongue, allowing for clear, comfortable speech. If many weeks are spent without teeth, soft tissues accommodate their absence. When dentures are finally placed, soft tissues must once again adapt, which means forming words must be relearned. Immediate dentures let you keep your beautiful smile, and eliminate the extra step of relearning clear speech.

Because the gums change significantly in the first weeks after extraction, it is important to follow up regularly with your dentist so that necessary adjustments can be made. During visits to your dentist, you can discuss any questions you may have about getting used to new dentures. We are happy to provide as much assistance to our patients as is needed during this time of positive transition.

Our team has a background of proven success in treating tooth loss with dentures, as well as dental implants. We can help you rediscover your most attractive and functional smile with treatment designed around your needs.

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They are amazing there. They were willing to work with me regarding full dentures. They have been great over the last 2 years with the teeth pulling, surgeries and dealing with my temp dentures having to be adjusted due to weight loss. I still have yet to receive my permanent ones because I have more weight to loose, but they are wonderful there and so willing to work with you. They are all happy, polite and usually take you on time. I would recommend them to anyone. Terrific place. Wonderful staff and doctors! AAA++++