Transparent consultation on sedation dentistry cost and payment options earns positive client reviews in Buffalo

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The Smile Center lovingly says, “We cater to cowards.” We take great pride in making even the most apprehensive patient feel relaxed. Nothing is more gratifying to our team than to get reviews from our patients telling us how comfortable they felt at the office and during their treatment. We want patients who have avoided the dentist to no longer do so, and to keep coming back to see us. These patients avoid a host of painful and complex dental procedures, and medical conditions such as diabetes and stroke, associated with tooth decay and tooth loss. You are not alone … Continue reading

Buffalo NY practice removes cost barrier to IV Sedation Dentistry with a number of payment plan options

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At this stage of exploring cost, you may be somewhat familiar with IV sedation. Not every dental office provides this calming technique. While many dentists offer laughing gas to ease anxiety, Dr. Gordon Kent is one of the few in the Buffalo area to meet the state’s strict licensing requirements for IV sedation. As a practice that prides itself in “catering to cowards,” Dr. Kent and his team assure options are available for even the most anxious clients. Value of IV Sedation Though this intravenous method is the most powerful type of sedation offered outside of the hospital or surgery … Continue reading

Sedation dentistry is a cost effective solution to anxiety for our Buffalo NY patients

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It may seem as though there is one goal in dentistry: to improve oral health. While this is one of the cornerstones to good dental care, the team at Smile Center believes there is more to excellent service than simply treating a set of teeth. One of our mottos is “we cater to cowards.” This is meant in the most compassionate way. So many people fear seeing the dentist, and then fear feeling embarrassed that they have avoided care for a long time. We have met men and women who had not seen the dentist for decades due to fear … Continue reading

Experience the best care with your sedation dentist in Buffalo

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If your level of anxiety surrounding dental care keeps you from keeping regular visits with your dentist, you are one of a large group of people who experience dental anxiety. There could be many reasons why a person finds dental care unappealing or frightening. Our belief is that our patients should be able to look forward to professional care. Getting your best, healthiest smile doesn’t happen without it. If you have avoided dental care for any length of time, it may be time to call your sedation dentist in Buffalo to gain a completely new perspective on dentistry. Informed dentists understand that there is a … Continue reading

For many in Buffalo, sedation is the best approach for stress free visits to the dentist

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Based on statistics, we know that three in every four Americans feel at least a little anxiety about receiving dental care. For twenty percent of these anxious patients, fear is enough to keep them from maintaining regular visits to the dentist. The team at Smile Center has extensive experience in providing gentle, compassionate dental care. We like to say that we cater to cowards, because we offer solutions that help anxious dental patients find dental visits far more pleasant than they could have ever imagined. We understand that, for many people, the best way to provide care is with sedation. When you … Continue reading

Selecting a sedation dentist in Buffalo, NY

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Congratulations! You’ve taken an important step in improving your oral health and whole body wellness. You took a deep breath and decided to face your anxieties about having an oral surgery or complex procedure completed. Dr. Kent of The Smile Center is here to help. He’s the dentist patients in Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas trust for gentle sedation dentistry. What to consider when selecting a sedation dentist Sedation dentistry should only be performed by a qualified dentist and staff with specialized training in sedation protocols. This training involves about 25 hours of education on technique, medications, equipment, and analysis … Continue reading

Buffalo, NY dentist explains how patients in the 14225 area can overcome dental anxiety with sedation dentistry

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Fear of the dentist is a real concern. And it’s one that affects adults as well as children across the United States. In some cases, the patient becomes nervous or apprehensive because he or she isn’t sure about what may take place at the appointment. In other cases, the fear is so intense that patients simply cannot bring themselves to undergo dental checkups or restorative treatment. If you live in the Buffalo, NY, area and are uncomfortable with thoughts about going to the dentist, it’s important to note that you have options. Instead of sitting at home worrying about what … Continue reading

Buffalo NY dentist addresses various levels of anxiety, sources of fear with sedation, practice built around comfort

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The Smile Center takes great pride in the ability to put even the most anxious or fearful patients at ease. While we’d like to say this ability to relax patients is purely due to our staff’s friendly and charming personalities, we can’t take all the credit. We get a little help from relaxing medications that may be administered before the procedure to help your cares float away. Options for every level of fear When you think of ways to ease pain at the dental office, laughing gas may be the first thing that comes to mind. Most dentists deliver the laughing … Continue reading

The best treatment experience may include sedation from your dentist in Buffalo NY

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For millions of people, dental anxiety is a very real experience. Not only children feel fearful of seeing the dentist, though early care is pivotal in how the adult handles dental care. Sometimes, fear lies in not knowing what may happen during your appointment. We often find that people put off seeing the dentist until they have such a bad dental problem that they can no longer avoid it. At this time, pain is causing undue stress that only increases anxiety. If the very thought of seeing the dentist causes your heart rate to pick up, know that our team … Continue reading

Greater Buffalo patients overcome fears after finding the answer to, “Can I find sedation dentistry near me?”

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The Smile Center team is like a family and enjoys treating families, too. The team understands that you and family members of all ages may have dental fear. Anxiety may loom so large that loved ones avoid the dental care they need to maintain optimal oral health. Dr. Gordon Kent has the advanced training and licensure necessary to offer many sedation dentistry options safely. For the littlest patients Your child’s earliest dental visits define how he or she will view dentists well into adulthood. Most patients trace their dental anxiety or phobia back to negative experiences in childhood. In addition … Continue reading


They are amazing there. They were willing to work with me regarding full dentures. They have been great over the last 2 years with the teeth pulling, surgeries and dealing with my temp dentures having to be adjusted due to weight loss. I still have yet to receive my permanent ones because I have more weight to loose, but they are wonderful there and so willing to work with you. They are all happy, polite and usually take you on time. I would recommend them to anyone. Terrific place. Wonderful staff and doctors! AAA++++