As we begin to see more news about COVID-19 (coronavirus), Smile Center will be taking some additional steps to protect the health and safety of our patients and team.

We adhere to the ADA and CDC cleaning guidelines at all times, and all standard sterilization measures are followed.

Additionally, we have increased our daily cleaning and disinfecting measures to include frequently-touched surfaces, such as counter tops, door handles, bathroom surfaces, and more. We encourage our staff to use hand sanitizer and wash their hands thoroughly. We encourage our patients to do the same.

During this time we will be available only for emergencies. If you have a true emergency please call 716-634-4090

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, please CALL OUR OFFICE to reschedule your appointment. No cancellation fee or penalty will apply. Answer Questions
  • Have you traveled outside of the continental US in the past 14 days?
  • Have you traveled to/from high-risk areas in the US or on a cruise ship in the past 14 days?
  • Have you had close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient within 14 days of symptom onset?
  • Do you currently have a fever or symptoms of lower respiratory illness (e.g. cough, shortness of breath)?
  • Do you feel ill in any way?
Just like with our patients, we have asked our team members to stay home if they feel ill. Your health and well being are our top priority. We are monitoring the situation and updating our standards and policies as new information emerges. We promise to do everything in our power to keep you safe.

Please call our office if you have any questions.


Immediate dentures span minimal steps, but represent a giant leap with regard to how patients feel, look

Smiling Female Dentist explaining artificial teeth

It’s possible to arrive at the Smile Center in need of new teeth and walk out the door a mere two hours later wearing dentures. This same-day smile upgrade comes courtesy of immediate dentures. The earlier Dr. Kent and his team fill those gaps, the sooner you can get used to eating, speaking, and living with your new dentures. The process Conventional and immediate dentures can replace some or all of your natural teeth. Both require planning such as making impressions of your mouth and taking measurements to see how the upper and lower jaws fit together. The immediate denture … Continue reading

Solving your dental concerns with immediate denture treatments in Buffalo NY

Dental prosthesis working on the denture

The consequences of tooth loss extend beyond the physical effects in the smile. There can also be a significant emotional impact due to functional limitations and an unattractive appearance. At Smile Center, we collaborate with each individual patient to resolve dental concerns quickly while gaining long-term benefits. When possible, immediate denture treatments are discussed during consultation for tooth replacement in our Buffalo practice. What are immediate dentures? An immediate denture is a full appliance that is made in a dental lab prior to the extraction procedure. On the day that teeth are extracted, this temporary denture will be ready for … Continue reading

The best results from denture treatment come from teamwork with your Buffalo dentist

Smiling dentist holding file at dental clinic

At Smile Center, we understand tooth loss can have an emotional impact. We work with our patients to find tooth replacement solutions that are tailored to their unique needs. When possible, we treat patients with immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are temporary appliances that are created for a patient before the extraction of remaining teeth. There are several advantages to this approach. Because the model for dentures is made while some teeth remain, we are able to design the closest possible replica to the natural oral structure, leading to the best results. By placing this temporary denture appliance immediately following the extraction of unhealthy teeth, … Continue reading

Creating a brand new smile with help from your Buffalo dentist

Doctor smiling and holding big jaws denture

The loss of teeth has a significant impact on your oral health, as well as your overall facial aesthetic. At the Smile Center, your dental needs are served by experienced professionals who understand the apprehension you may feel about finding the most suitable tooth replacement. We are well versed in finding solutions to your dental problems, including the loss of teeth due to poor oral health, even advanced gum disease. As we grow older, we may develop dental issues that lead to the loss or removal of natural teeth. Smile Center offers both dentures and implants to restore an attractive, … Continue reading

Achieving your best smile with immediate dentures from your Buffalo dentist

Portrait of an attractive senior woman smiling

Replacing missing teeth is a very personal form of treatment, which we handle with great care at Smile Center. It is our goal that each patient achieves his or her best smile with custom designed restorations, such as or implant retained dentures, or immediate dentures, in our state of the art Buffalo practice. Dentures have long been a viable restoration after the loss of a few teeth, or all teeth. The invention of dental implants has changed the tooth replacement process forever, opening the doors for greater function, greater comfort, and ultimate confidence. Using this innovative technology in conjunction with … Continue reading

Caring for dentures after treatment from your dentist in Buffalo

Dentists discuss particular case

Living with teeth that are severely damaged, or are missing altogether, can be embarrassing, inconvenient, uncomfortable, and more. Smile restoration with dentures can change the way you feel about your smile, as well as the way you experience life. Working with a talented denture dentist in Buffalo, you can regain the confidence you may have lost when the condition of your teeth became poor. Not only does Dr. Kent design beautiful permanent dentures, he understands the importance of a lovely smile even after the removal of remaining teeth. At Smile Center, our patients can benefit from the immediate seating of … Continue reading

What you need to know about immediate dentures in Buffalo, NY

A set of dentures

Teeth play a crucial role in appearance, maintaining facial structure, self esteem, clear speech, eating, and digestion. Teeth that are badly decayed, damaged by trauma, or compromised by advanced gum disease can actually be detrimental to your health. Having them extracted may improve oral health and overall wellness . . . but that doesn’t mean you want to go toothless for a month or more. Dr. Gordon Kent and The Smile Center team have a solution for patients in the Buffalo, NY area – immediate dentures. The 411 on immediate dentures The simple truth is that many patients have an … Continue reading

Buffalo, NY dentist explains the benefits of immediate dentures to patients in the 14225 area

Ceramic dentures and crowns on gray background

Most people believe that the teeth they lose in childhood, the ones that were replaced by shiny coins left by the tooth fairy, are the only teeth they will ever lose. For some individuals, this turns out to be true. Many others, however, face tooth loss during their adult years. The tooth loss can be caused by decay inside the tooth, gum disease, or even physical damage caused by an accident. When a tooth is lost, most patients want to have it fixed, and quickly. Replacing the missing tooth is important, not only for aesthetics and appearance, but also because … Continue reading

Best denture treatment for you found with your experienced dentist in Buffalo NY

Dental xray

An aspect of your physical and emotional wellbeing is your smile. The team at Smile Center keeps this in mind whether we are preserving healthy teeth or replacing teeth that have been damaged. Tooth replacement is a crucial step that requires meticulous planning and attention to the tiny details that make your smile all yours. Patients who visit Smile Center receive the best possible care and planning for dentures. An experienced dentist who has served the Buffalo area for many years, Dr. Kent has seen numerous dental situations. The doctor and his team make no judgment on the state of … Continue reading

Dentist in Buffalo offers immediate dentures

Buffalo Immediate Dentures at The Smile Center

Dr. Gordon Kent of the Smile Center in Buffalo is a dentist who focuses on ensuring patients have access to the treatments they need to not only improve the health and function of their smile, but to address cosmetic issues that may negatively impact the appearance of the teeth. Our team encourages patients to consider the benefits of a wide range of solutions including immediate dentures. What are immediate dentures? Immediate dentures can replace the entire smile in less than two hours. They eliminate the need for patients to go without teeth for an extended period of time. Who is … Continue reading


I hate the dentist like a lot of people do but this place makes it painless and easy. They have a lot of the newest equipment, they accept my insurance and I can get an appointment when I need it without a hassle.