When Buffalo patients may benefit from same day dentures

Patients who have experienced loss of their teeth can benefit from same day dentures. Buffalo dentist, Dr. Kent, offers same day dentures, also known as immediate dentures, to patients who have lost their teeth. At the Smile Center, we understand that typical cosmetic dentistry procedures and restorative treatments are not always right for every patient. However, patients need to have their teeth restored to maintain chewing and biting efficiency, to speak clearly, to have a beautiful smile, and to enjoy good oral health.

Good candidates for same day dentures by Buffalo dentist are those who have:

  • Several teeth missing from their dental arch
  • Weak or loose existing teeth
  • Suffered from periodontal disease in the more advanced stages
  • Teeth that have decayed down to their gum line
  • Not seen a dentist for several years and want to minimize visits
  • An unattractive smile and want to change it quickly and easily
Patients who are considering dentures can consult Dr. Kent to determine if they are the best solution to their dental concerns. Not everyone is happy with dentures, so it is imperative that patients make an informed decision in regards to what is best for their smiles and personal situations.

During the consultation, patients can discuss the procedure and have all their questions answered. Payment arrangements will be completed and, if needed, easy financing options are available. The treatment will be scheduled. At this appointment, the patient will be comfortably sedated, and in about one hour later the healing denture will be placed immediately. Within about two hours the patient will be ready to go home with their brand new smile! The patient will return to the dentist’s office the next day for a follow up to see how the patient is doing. One week later, the patient will return again for another follow-up and the removal of sutures if any were needed. Though the gums heal very quickly, it takes about three months for most of the bone healing and shaping to occur. During this time the patient is welcome to come to the office as often as they might need for refitting of their healing dentures. After three months, the patient then returns for the fabrication of their final custom dentures or to add implants if they want.

Dr. Kent wants to ensure that patients can enjoy a beautiful smile from start to finish, and will not have to wait around. He knows that receiving dentures immediately after extractions can be important, and can help patients make the decision to improve their dental health.

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