Your dentist in Buffalo can give you a reason to smile

In social situations, your smile can be your best asset or your biggest detriment. It is the first thing people notice about you and it can leave a lasting impression. People who have dental problems such as missing teeth, decay, or discoloration often feel that their smile is holding them back. Dr. Kent and the staff at The Smile Center can address you dental problems and help create a smile that is memorable for all of the right reasons.

If your dental problems are partially due to a dental phobia, The Smile Center can help you. They offer three types of sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas),” enteral” oral sedation, and IV sedation. When you combine sedation and dentistry with caring professionals who understand your fears, it makes it possible to repair and improve your smile. Replacing missing teeth and filling or crowning those that are damaged or decayed can restore your smile. Once you discover that our staff can make going to the dentist a pleasant experience you may find yourself wanting to improve your smile rather than just repairing the damage.

For patients who want to improve the overall appearance of their smile, teeth whitening is a wonderful starting point. The Smile Center offers take home trays, so it does not even require a prolonged dentist appointment. Patients who want to make changes that are more dramatic are often interested in facings.

Facings can address a number of the things patients dislike about their smiles. For example:

  • Teeth that will not respond to whitening, this is often a result of prescription drugs such as tetracycline. They stain the teeth from the inside and are often difficult to remove with whitening treatments.
  • When teeth have small chips or cracks, they may not need crowns but the damage is visible and facings can conceal the damage and reinforce the tooth helping to prevent more damage.
  • If teeth are misshapen, crowded, or have excessive space between them, facings can give them an evenly aligned, perfectly spaced appearance. Facings cannot be used to mask severe orthodontic issues.
From simple to complex, The Smile Center can treat most dental problems in their office. They are very proud that they do not have to refer their patients to specialists, as many other dentists do. This is makes it possible for patients to receive their care from a dentist they trust rather than a stranger.

If you need dental work, but are avoiding it because of a fear of the dentist, call The Smile Center at 716-568-7015 and schedule a consultation today. Your Buffalo dentist is ready to give you a reason to smile.

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