Use ClearCorrect to get a straighter, more beautiful smile

ClearCorrect Buffalo - ClearCorrect LogoMany adults would like to improve their smile by straightening their teeth; however, they believe braces are for kids or teenagers. While it's true that orthodontic treatment is often a rite of passage for adolescence, there are many adults benefiting from it, as well. In some cases adults who did not have braces as a teenager wish for alignment changes, while in other situations, adults who have had orthodontic treatment found their teeth have shifted out of proper place.

ClearCorrect Buffalo - ClearCorrect ImageIn either case, many adults are thrilled to learn that there's a new option when it comes to orthodontics. Instead of traditional braces with sharp wires and full brackets, dentists; such as Dr. Gordon Kent of Smile Center in Buffalo New York, are offering ClearCorrect. This new alternative to braces is a simple way to straighten teeth without the hassle of monthly appointments and the embarrassment of traditional braces.
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Using a series of clear plastic alignment trays, patients simply follow the predetermined plan of treatment. The alignment trays work by gradually shifting your teeth into proper position. The alignment trays are clear and practically invisible to the patient's family, friends, and co-workers. Because the treatment plan is predetermined, patients simply move onto the next tray after a certain number of weeks. This eliminates the need for monthly appointments where the wires are tightened.

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Another benefit of ClearCorrect over traditional braces is that the trays can be removed. This means patients don't have to give up their favorite foods over fears; such as breaking a bracket or pulling off a wire. It also allows the patient to remove the trays for brushing and flossing leading to better oral health during orthodontic treatment.

ClearCorrect is a great alternative for many patients. Not only does it give individuals a chance to improve their smile and have the confidence to show it off, but better teeth alignment leads to less risk of gum disease and tooth decay. To learn more about the Smile Center practice, our services, or our team, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kent, call our office today.
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